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Had your daily dose of tartrazine yet?

“Pardon, of what?” – “Tartrazine! And if you had a non-homemade pickle, ate macaroni and cheese from a package, had any pudding or custard, cake or cookie not made from scratch, any sweets, or drank a greenish-yellowish soft drink, you most likely did! Do we still know what we eat? Countless foods and drinks contain …

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No-kneading bread? It works!

Wow! I am surprised how tasty this bread is!   Remember, last week I told you that I like to make our bread instead of buying it in the store. I also mentioned that I use a pretty strong kitchen appliance for kneading the heavy dough. After I posted my article, I was asked whether I ever tried …

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Our daily bread: we like it homemade!

Early this morning I was making bread dough. Then I remembered that I haven’t posted anything this week yet. As I am making changes all the time that should contribute to a healthier life, I could find a dozen topics for new posts. But today it shall be about bread – and about how and why …

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