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The Revival of the Handkerchief

They had been abandoned for over 5 years. It happened when we bought a new bed and moved the old one, together with the bedside tables, into the guest room. Neatly stacked in one of the drawers, I had almost forgotten about them. If you think hard and look in all your drawers, I am …

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February 14th: A very special day to me!

For many people Valentine’s Day is a special day. You probably wrote one or more cards, or bought something for someone you love. And most likely you did get something yourself. Maybe it is a day where you and your partner, or spouse, usually go out for a romantic dinner. Supposedly the celebration of this …

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Why it is good to listen to your baby sister now and then: How I lost 8 kilos (17 pounds) in 2 months!

I know! This sounds just like some tacky add that promises big weight loss in no time. Believe me; I didn’t intend that to happen when, early last summer, my little sister (who has the audacity to be 5 cm or 2 inches taller than me!) told me about the changes she had made to …

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