I live in a small and VERY rural community in Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia. Originally, I am from Germany, and if you could hear me talk, you might know, – or may not. English is my second language and most people hear an accent, but can’t quite place it. French, actually, ranks first, when people are taking guesses. (Unless they are French themselves!)

Writing has been one of my favourite hobbies for a long time. Though, writing in a foreign language is kinda tricky. So, please, don’t take offense, but blame it on my being a non-native-speaker, if I don’t always hit the right word or expression.

The biggest challenge and change of my life was and still is the immigration of my family from Germany to Nova Scotia in 2006. Leaving the place where we both, my husband and I had grown up and had been raising our three children, was a huge decision, and was a tough one for many to accept. For quite a while it felt that I had two lives; one before and the other after I moved here.

Among all the things I gave up and left behind, stress is the one I don’t miss at all. After the initial phase of settling in, my life is much more peaceful and (almost) free of stress. I enjoy being able to spend so much time with my husband and how relaxed I am about things that, in the past, would have gotten me all worked up.

I would love receiving your comments on my posts!


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